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Jaxx Liberty 2021 Review: Why Is Everyone Fans Of This Crypto Wallet?

Опубликовано: 24-12-2023

What is the most important thing in a jaxx wallet online? This is his reputation. Cryptocurrency, in principle, is an investment with great risk, to which is added the fear of losing your money by presenting it to the next developers of unsafe online wallets. To reduce at least the second point to a minimum, they choose a product that has long established itself on the market. One of these multicurrency crypto wallets is Jaxx Liberty

Is it reliable?

How is the reputation of the Jaxx Liberty confirmed? This decentralized multicurrency wallet has been around for almost six years. in fact, since the inception of the boom in cryptocurrency transactions. The developer was none other than Anthony Di Iorio - one of the creators of the popular Ethereum platform. In general, if you take the little things, then everything speaks about the solidity and reliability of the product: updated social networks, fresh release on the site

Even the number of fake accounts on the official Twitter is negligible - all are real people. When was the last time you saw that percentage?

We will add user reviews here to finally consolidate the axiom - with the reputation of the Jaxx Liberty, everything is a plane. Yes, reviews from users do not always differ in objectivity, but even the very presence of reviews suggests that the wallet is "alive". They use it. And in our case, they also trust (on the screen of the Jaxx assessment - this is the name of the wallet until 2019).


Okay, why is the Jaxx Liberty so fucking important?

Many wallets boast about the convenience, functionality, and sophistication of their products. All this is here, but in addition, Jaxx Liberty buys with the fact that it creates the impression of a complete product, as we already wrote above.

You can work with an incredible amount of currency. Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash. And this is not a complete list (~ 80 in total). Jaxx Liberty is just the case when all eggs should be kept in one basket, even if these eggs are not custodian (retaining the ability for the user to fully control the keys)

There are mobile applications for iOS and Android, there is an online version of jaxx web with access through a browser, there are desktop applications for Windows, Linux and even macOS. In general, any device with an Internet connection can be used as a tool for working with a wallet.


The very use of the wallet is absolutely free. But there is, of course, a transaction fee. At the moment it is 0.0001 BTC (~ $ 19).

Customer oriented

The support works at a level - they respond quickly and, most importantly, they chew on seemingly obvious moments in 24/7 mode. There is a nuance here - there are a lot of negative reviews on the network that the wallet is allegedly not being updated, and the developers have scored for support. Keep in mind that we are talking about the "old" version of Jaxx - it really is no longer supported. The new version (Jaxx Liberty) has no problems with this, everything is regularly patched and updated.

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